Alex Maher Spotlight


Kevin B.

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Oct 29, 2021

Alex Maher Spotlight

Our people are core to who we are. With a year spent at Artium comes a brief reflection of the path to craft, successes along the way, and how to continue to learn and grow. Today we sit down with Alex Maher, an Artium talent partner, to discuss why she chose recruiting, enabling clients through talent acquisition, and how she grows daily through immersion in different client environments.

What is your craft? What brought you to it?I'm a Recruiter and Talent Partner on our team at Artium Talent Labs. I started my career in HR but shifted to the recruiting space a little over six years ago. The reason I made the transition was out of a desire to help people. I realized that while I could do that in HR, it wasn't in the exact capacity that I was looking for. Recruiting allows me to connect people with careers that align with their values; that is a rewarding thing to get to do every day.

What are you most proud of from your past year?
For me, it has been the opportunity to lead engagements and be involved in enablement for our clients through talent acquisition. It is an incredible feeling to see somebody embrace a process because they understand it creates a better experience for those involved. Specifically, helping teams make a tangible DE&I commitment, grow, and take ownership of it was empowering.

How do you keep learning / refining your craft?
I think learning takes place through the consistent touch points I have with our clients every single day. Immersing myself in their recruiting and hiring environments is an excellent way of learning different industries and evolving how I approach my craft. The needs of our clients are so different; figuring out what works and what doesn't for each continuously challenges my skill set.