Announcing Artium.AI


Ross Hale

on •

Feb 12, 2024

I’m excited to announce a relaunch of Artium’s website and with it a refocusing of our mission. Artium’s purpose has been, from the beginning, to advance the state of software through a focus on craft and excellence in collaborative software development.

Today, we are expanding our remit to include the most important platform shift affecting the world of software today: Generative AI.

In November of 2022, when ChatGPT alerted the world to the reality of AI that actually passes the Turing test, I knew almost immediately that we at Artium could not ignore this breakthrough. We knew that there would exist an incredible opportunity at the intersection of this and our other passion: The art of collaboratively building software.

This pivot has been almost a year in the making.  We first needed to understand the true current state of the technology, build internal supporting software products, and determine how best to serve our clients. We spent the last year listening to our clients and their changing needs in this new world. I’m excited today to announce that that work is done and we are ready to officially launch Artium.AI.

We leverage AI in three distinct, but multiplicative, areas:

  1. How we engage with clients.

  2. How we build software.

  3. New software products, platforms, and infrastructure based on GenAI.

In speaking with clients, many have asked “How do we get started?”  And to that end we have a new fixed-price engagement type that answers that question:  the Artium AI Lift Off engagement.  

During our AI Lift Off, we partner with clients to demonstrate an AI-native solution while building the foundation for future AI-native workflows.  We work across all three relevant layers of the stack:  Application, AI Platform, and Data, to build real software that is ready to operationalize and launch.  We also wrap the whole thing in a critical layer of “Continuous Alignment Testing” to ensure security and reliability. 

Of course Artium will continue to provide the software development heavy lifting and SDLC transformation we were built on.  And that includes deeper, more complicated engagements of both the AI and non-AI variety.

Over the coming weeks, we’ll be introducing new AI-powered features on  Super excited to announce those as they come out.

In the meantime, check out the site. And reach out to me personally as I would love to jam on your AI-enhanced vision for building the future of software!

- Ross Hale
CEO & Founder