Artium's AI Builders Series


Marybeth Coffman

on •

Feb 28, 2024

This week we hosted our monthly AI Builders Event Series at's Living Lab location in Playa Del Rey. 

It was a great night of networking and learning - as technologists from all different backgrounds came together to share insights on how they are using responsible human-AI collaboration to drive innovation.

Presentations Included:

​Jean-Daniel Leroy & Skylar Thomas, Co-founders of PlaybookXR demonstrated their multiplayer 3D design tool and showed how teams can effortlessly bring their most ambitious 3D ideas to life for pitching, planning, previz, and more.

​Chay Land, Sr. Product Designer at Artium talked about the role design plays in AI and how you can drive growth with an AI-Driven User Experience.

​Adam Husein, SVP of Data and Analytics at Firebird did a live demonstration of rapid prototyping app development with the combined power of R Shiny and ChatGPT.

We’ll be doing this event in LA every month and we'd love to hear from you if you’d like to attend, have ideas for speakers, or burning topics you'd like us to cover - so please shoot us a line at!