Artium's AI Builders Series



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Jan 25, 2024

Artium's AI Builders Series

Artium has existed at the intersection of Software Development and AI for some time now, and as we begin this new year, you'll see and hear more from us around the rapidly accelerating world of AI-based technology.

This week, we launched a monthly event at our LA office, Artium's AI Builders Series, where we welcome all those who are interested in solving problems, learning, and sharing insights around using responsible human-AI collaboration to drive innovation and build great software products.

During the evening, we chatted with fellow AI-enthusiasts and listened to lightning talks by technology leaders that focused on how they are applying AI within their organization to solve business challenges as well as leveraging AI tools to supercharge the productivity and creativity of their teams.

Presentations included:

Chad Gerber - Founder of Meloscene, talked about the interplay between AI and societal dynamics, where innovations in software and artistic expression redefine the boundaries of technology and humanity.

Aaron Weinberg - Sr. Software Engineer at Artium, discussed using AI to Simplify UX: Transforming Complex Data Interaction into Intuitive Text-based Solutions.

Dr. Sam Khoze - CTO at AQX, did a demo of Stable Diffusion models for AI image and video generation.

Rachel Victor - Co-founder of FBRC.AI, discussed the way that real-time volumetric worlds with procedural behaviors can support the creation of responsive experiences across platforms, industries affected by these changes and the way that we are solving for these gaps.

Some “notes” from the event by one of our attendees. The incredibly talented animator, Dave Zaboski, Co-Founder & CCO of Laetro.

We’ll be doing this event in LA every month and we'd love to hear from you if you’d like to attend, have ideas for speakers, or burning topics you'd like us to cover - so please shoot us a line at