Introducing APEX - The Future of AI Product Planning


Ross Hale

on •

Mar 6, 2024

Today, we're happy to announce the beta launch of our AI Product Planning tool:  APEX (Artium Product Explorer).  APEX gives anyone with imagination the power to convert a vision or idea into a fully executable product roadmap and plan.  Missing imagination?  Fear not, APEX's powerful AI can fill that gap as well :)

We built APEX to help overcome one of the issues we see preventing rapid and broad AI innovation in our industry: the problem of getting started.

We're in the middle of a massive platform and paradigm shift for the industry. The most important thing for people and companies to do is simple: Start. Building. Now.  The low-hanging fruit is plentiful and it will be plucked by those bold enough to take the first step.  Our hope is APEX can help reduce the friction from idea to vision to software and enable many more first steps.

Another major issue preventing the release of new AI-powered applications (like APEX) is reliability.  Building reliable, secure, and brand-safe applications based on a non-deterministic AI foundation is a hard problem to solve.  APEX is a great example of using a combination of novel UX design and continuous alignment testing techniques to achieve a product that works most of the time (it's still beta, so it’s still a work in progress).

We'll continue to iterate on APEX to add more features and improvements over time. As with all new products, we listen to our users and look forward to your feature requests through our feedback form.  

Give it a try and imagine the products you could bring to life if you just take the first step!