Introducing LEAP: Artium’s Vision for the Future of Software Development


Ross Hale

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Sep 12, 2023

Introducing LEAP: Artium’s Vision for the Future of Software Development

Hey Everyone!

I’m really excited to announce some of what we’ve been working on at Artium this past year. We’re launching a new AI-enhanced software methodology, software to support it, and a transformational offering for teams implementing AI software development at their organizations. 


In addition to driving some really incredible results with our clients through the hard work and dedication of our teams this year, we’ve also been internally incubating a new agile variant. Built lovingly on top of our perpetually iterating XP-based method. Only in this case, it’s more than an iterative step.

We call it LEAP or LLM Enhanced Agile Process. Like XP, it tackles everything from how work is organized at a high level down to specific tools and techniques for writing code. And like all things agile, LEAP is a work in progress – we’re iterating every week as we discover new practices and methods.

Put simply, LEAP is an opinionated method of leveraging LLM’s for maximum productivity gains and maximum developer enjoyment. It doesn’t replace jobs, it instead enhances work. And it’s built to leverage the incredible software product development capabilities of Large Language Models, while insulating against their shortcomings.

The name LEAP itself was inspired by the “AI Language Leap” concept invented in a ChatGPT enabled Socratic Dialogue with world-famous philosophers, linguists and logicians. The simulated discussion begins with a prompt about vector embedding, which can be found here

AI Transformation

We also have a new comprehensive offering: AI Transformation. We think this is relevant to everyone from brand new startups to the fortune 500.  

AI is here, the real AI we’ve been waiting for, and it’s not enough to simply incorporate it into your applications. To stay competitive it’s necessary to also leverage it in your software development life cycle and development methodology.  

We’re here to guide you through the transformation the same we always have: by working shoulder to shoulder with your team to ship real, critical software outcomes while instilling best practices in the surrounding team.


Finally, I’m excited to share a preview of a new piece of software we’ve built: Artium Product Explorer or APEX. It leverages AI on the product side to help ideate, roadmap, analyze and plan your new product ideas.  If you’ve ever experienced an Artium scoping, this is that on steroids.

It does more than just reduce the toil that goes into planning, scoping and story mapping.  It also makes it more creative, fun and collaborative - watch it in action here!

We’re excited to be at the forefront of this exciting new development and look forward to seeing the incredible products that our clients create using LEAP. Thank you for your ongoing support of Artium, we are committed to the transformative power of software, and we will continue to push the boundaries of possibility in software development.

Onward In Partnership,
- Ross Hale, CEO Artium