Using AI and ML to build a “Moneyball for movies” data model and dashboard


Using AI and ML to build a “Moneyball for movies” data model and dashboard


Using AI and ML to build a “Moneyball for movies” data model and dashboard

Lionsgate is a premier Hollywood studio with one of the largest and most valuable film and television libraries in the world.


The Challenge

Lionsgate wanted to build a solution that would enable their executives to make data driven decisions - something they called “Moneyball for movies.”

Their current method for making decisions such as which films to greenlight and which actors to cast in big roles, were driven by gut feel, which they recognised as being unreliable.


The Solution

Artium worked closely with Lionsgate to understand which data points would be relevant in creating an AI and ML enabled predictive model called ALICE. On top of the model we helped  build an intuitive user interface so that anyone at Lionsgate, tech savvy or not, could easily interact with and use its key insights to find another blockbuster like The Hunger Games.

We also helped Lionsgate form a new Data Strategy & Innovation team and introduced a new approach to cross-functional and cross-company collaboration and gave them tools and frameworks to approach problem solving with a product mindset.


The Outcome

When the output of the ALICE model was compared with previous decision making that was based purely on executive opinion it proved to be 35% more accurate in predicting the box office success of a movie and the ideal casting choices.

Despite initial concerns around whether the most senior executives would trust and adopt an AI / ML model as part of how they made big decisions, the combination of ALICE’s proven accuracy and user friendly dashboard design meant that it was a big hit with Liongates’s non technical creative executives, who provided feedback that included “This is very easy to use” and “I love how intuitive it is” as well as “this the most technical thing I’ve ever seen our insights team do!”

Artium also helped compile a product roadmap detailing different options, experiments, and paths for Lionsgate to explore as they move forward into some next possible iterations.

“ALICE is an incredibly powerful asset - we have reached a point where they are realizing the value of the data and the trend analysis as a huge benefit to Lionsgate as a whole.