Building an AI platform that can read your mind


Building an AI platform that can read your mind


Building an AI platform that can read your mind

Sesh is an AI powered emotional recognition platform.


The Challenge

Sesh is a fast moving and ambitious AI startup focused on patented technology that can recognise a multitude of human emotions and feelings in any video.

They needed to convert their IP into a product, which required a team that could execute quickly and release new features and updates often. The team needed to be able to both create the internal AI APIs and the user-facing products. 

Sesh’s leadership had a lot of experience in lean and agile. However, the engineering team were new to XP practices. They were initially resistant to pairing, TDD and CI/CD but quickly came to see these practices as key to quickly and iteratively building a high quality product.


The Solution

Artium embedded engineering talent into the Sesh team to encourage the adoption of XP practices and rapidly accelerate the team. We implemented a process for adding test coverage to all new code while gradually adding it to the older code. 

We provided the expertise and architecture to build out a continuous delivery platform, to release tested code many times a day.

We worked with the Sesh team to integrate multiple AI models and develop a robust and user friendly platform.


The Outcome

The value of Sesh’s IP was obvious - but when their leadership first engaged Artium the codebase had no tests, and the engineering team had no structure or shared practices. 

Three months later the team had a clear internal methodology, an efficient path to production and the ability to release early and often and shortly after our engagement ended Sesh sold their patented AI technology and platform to an acquirer.

“There is no doubt that our partnership with Artium was essential to our successful acquisition - before we engaged them we had talked to dozens of software development consultancies, from small boutiques to large famous names - but Artium was the only one we found with genuine AI expertise.” - Cauri Jaye - Co-founder, CTO, CSO